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With the Demo version you'll be able to test all functions of StudioLine Photo Basic for 30 days. To continue using StudioLine Photo Basic 4 for personal use at no cost, simply request the
┬╗ complimentary activation code.

Download StudioLine Photo Basic 4

If your Internet connection to our server is interrupted while components are being downloaded, you can resume the download process simply by restarting the StudioLine Download Manager.

Problems Concerning a Firewall
If your Internet connection is secured by a software or hardware firewall, the Update Manager may be prevented from connecting to the StudioLine download server. In such cases you should download StudioLine Photo Basic 4 ┬╗ as a single file.


Download the StudioLine Download Manager to your desktop (or elsewhere on your hard disk). Once the download is complete, run the Download Manager. It will retrieve any required components and then launch setup.

Using Different StudioLine Versions Concurrently

As a user of StudioLine Photo Basic 3, you can easily install StudioLine Photo Basic 4 in parallel. By selecting your current data directory when prompted during the initial start of version 4, you'll be able to test the new version with your existing photo archive. If you decide to uninstall the version 4 later, you will continue to have full access to your data with version 3.