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With an » upgrade to » StudioLine Photo Classic 5 you'll benefit from many additional,
powerful functions. Experience the professional grade image editing tools, multimedia options, extensive RAW support and much more.

Compare Photo Basic with Photo Classic

 Photo Basic



Forms for Setting Descriptors in Bulk

Frequently used descriptors combinations can be input and stored as forms. Those forms can be used anytime to set or update descriptors in a selection of images. User-controlled rules tell the system how to deal with values that might already exist in some of the images.

Upload to Flickr®

Publish your images from
the image archive directly
to your Flickr® profile.

XMP Support

The XMP standard enables the exchange of metadata between applications. This supports foreign letters and special characters across platforms.

Additional Image Tools

More tools are available to optimize your images:


Gaussian smoothing


Selective smoothing


Unsharp mask

Improved Detail View

The detail view allows direct before/after comparison of edited images. There is a thumbnail ribbon for quick navigation between images.
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With the help of location data supplied by GPS data loggers or digital cameras, photos can be displayed on digital maps or satellite images. Manual geotagging is as easy as dragging each photo to its intended location on a digital map.
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Hue Correction /
White Balance

The white balance tools has an intuitive user interface to restore natural color tones by correcting unwanted hues.

Default Descriptors

Any folder can set default values for the descriptors of images that are added to that folder. Per example, copyright, location, event and photographer could be preset. This reduces the work involved with properly annotating images and reduces the chance of errors or omissions.

Application Markers

Images from any number of folders can be collected to a lightbox or marked for subsequent export, email, print, web gallery use or CD/DVD burning.


Favorite images are found quickly if they have been assigned a 1-to-5 star rating. The rating can also be used to sort folder content.

Timeline Explorer

An annual overview summarizes all images from a given year and that are located in a particular folder tree, per example all images of a specific year in the folder "Vacations" and its subfolders. A monthly view shows thumbnails for the first picture taken on any single day. The detail view shows all pictures for any number of selected days.

Load Assistant

The convenient load assistant saves time and effort by identifying new files in a folder. Before importing images, sound and video files to the image archive, the user can also make a selection of relevant or worthwhile files in a folder.

Manage Video Clips

Video files can be dragged and dropped into the image archive. A new thumbnail image is chosen by clicking the movie icon below the default (or currently displayed) thumbnail.

Backup to Hard Disk

Original images can be backed up to hard disk. The backup will be stored in the specified target directory, irregardless of whether the original images were stored in the image archive or kept on various disk drives external to StudioLine.

ICC Color Profiles

Color profiles can be assigned to individual images. Camera-specific ICC profiles can be set up to be automatically used for new images that are imported from those cameras.

Fully Customizable Web Gallery Layout Design

Free web galleries are fully customizable to fit any page design. The StudioLine logo or links that are created by StudioLine Photo Basic will be omitted.

RAW and DNG Properties

The advanced settings for RAW and DNG files are applied in the extended color space for these formats. Edit your images directly in the RAW or DNG format.
» RAW Support

Design Greeting Cards and Other Print Pieces

With the integrated layout editor one can freely design album pages, greeting cards, invitations, table cards, thank-you notes, certificates, flyers, e-cards, collages - anything that can be printed or emailed.

Enhanced Load Assistant

The enhanced Load Assistant offers additional rules to automatically assign image names. Keywords can be preset and forms can be used to initialize any of the image descriptors.


Ingenious Image Archive Filter

It's easy to dam a flood of images by suppressing currently irrelevant images based on any number of criteria. The remaining images of interest are displayed in their original folder context for easy navigation.

Enhanced Descriptor Editor

A spell-checker can verify long text passages or unchecked text that may have been pasted from other applications. Easy access to a drop-down list of previously used content helps maintaining consistency between multiple images.

Images with Audio Clips

Sound files can be associated with individual images. That makes it easy to add voice annotations to a slide show.

Be creative in the Photo Lab.
Use convenient wizards and professional image tools.
Individual image tool settings and entire sets of filters can be saved.

Keywords and Categories

Any number of keywords or categories can be dragged onto applicable images. A few clicks on a combination of keywords or categories is all it takes to see matching images. With the help of an "in-use" list of keywords and categories it's easy to find related images.



Live Histogram

18 view options that refresh with each editing step allow for an accurate analysis for the luminescence distribution.

Gradation Curves

The gradation curve tool manipulates the luminescence distribution for the entire image or individual color channels by controlling any number of points on the curves.

Slide Shows with Background Music

On-screen slide shows can be enhanced with background music and sound bits  that were associated with individual images.

System Requirements

Exporting and Importing Keyword Lists

To integrate with other applications, keyword and category lists may be imported and exported in XML, plain text or tab-delimited files.


Pre-defined Tool Settings

Store frequently used image tools (filters) or entire filter sequences as templates. This way the same tool settings are available at any time to treat further images with the same editing steps.


Embed your personal watermark in your images to prevent unauthorized use. Use any graphics and text to design your watermark. These can be rotated and aligned to suit your needs.

Watermark Filter

Photo Classic has much more to offer: